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It does not matter how long you have had your iPhone or which model of it you have, there is always the possibility of damaging your phone. Various reasons can damage your selfie camera lenses but the important thing is to understand whether it is damaged or not.

For example, imagine your phone falls. When you pick it up, you can’t see any special damage but actually, your camera is damaged and you cannot see it with naked eyes. Front camera replacement can be necessary for many situations. Here we are going to give you some important tips about front camera replacement iPhone 6 through 11.

from camera lens damaged

How to check your phone for camera damage?

The first step in identifying front camera damage is checking the camera lenses for any cracks or scratches. Some of these damages are visible and will cause dysfunctionality in taking pictures especially in the latest models of iPhone; for example, front camera replacement iPhone 11 is important because it has multiple cameras and even with naked eyes because of the size of camera lenses and sensors, you sometimes can identify the damage. 

If you feel there has been a change in the quality of your pictures and you feel there is a problem when you use the front camera, you need to examine its functionality with some simple tests.

First, you should take some pictures and examine if you can see any black spots in pictures or blurriness. These are some simple signs that mean you need front camera replacement iPhone 6 and front camera replacement iPhone 7 because these are older than other models and the selfie camera does not have the features of iPhone 11 or X or even 12 so the damage can easily affect the quality of your photos. 

The most common problem for the front camera of the iPhone 8 is blurry pictures. Imagine you are having a video call and you feel your front camera is dirty so you start cleaning it and then there is no difference, you keep cleaning but you still feel it’s dirty.

Well, the bad news is your lens is not dirty, it is damaged and you need replacement. This problem can happen in all iPhone models after smacking.  

front camaera lens repair near me

Where can you have a front camera replacement?

The technology in our era has been improving very fast and every day you can see a new feature and a new device in the market. The Phone Companies are part of this technological advancement as you can see the latest model of the iPhone has brought a revolution to the whole industry. These cameras are very delicate and practical and even you can use them for professional photography too. 

Among all its advantages, there is a big concern for its customers: What will happen if the camera is damaged? How much will the front camera replacement cost? After the replacement, will it be like the first day?

Well, the front camera replacement iPhone 11 will cost more because it has more lenses than previous models at the job is more delicate and costly. Selfie cameras of iPhone 8 or previous models will cost less in comparison to x models. As a whole, you will need 150 to 200$ for front camera replacement.

Remember their prices will vary from country to country. After the replacement, the quality of the pictures will be good again and you will not feel any noticeable changes in the quality of the pictures after the repair.

iPhone cameras have features like Deep Fusion, Night mode, Live Photos, and Quick take which are due to the professional lenses that iPhone has used. When Apple released the x series, their cameras were much better than the previous models and you could see a very clear improvement.

These improvements are not cheap and the more features you see, the more money you should pay to buy the phone. The news is that although the phone prices get higher, the repairing including front camera replacement iPhone X, front camera replacement iPhone XR, and front camera replacement iPhone XS max is not that high, and if you have apple care plus, you can use apple services in repairing.

local repair shop for front camera lens repair

You can even use local technicians too as some of them have the official certification of iPhone repairing from the apple company itself.  Just remember that when you feel any changes in the quality of your selfie camera, try to think that in the past weeks and months did your phone smack or fall? If the answer is yes, the possibility of camera damage is pretty good but if the answer is no, don’t act irrationally.

Sometimes it’s just a simple crack in your lens protector or there is dust in your camera or even your protective glass is causing a problem and the problem won’t be solved by the front camera replacement. When people use protective glass for the screen, sometimes the protectors are not standard and will cover the front camera and lower the resolution of the pictures.

Even in some cases that people think front camera replacement iPhone XR Is necessary, it turns out the only problem was in the camera setting and nothing was related to hardware problems.

protect the front camra lens

How long will the front camera replacement need?

You may think you have to say goodbye to your phone for weeks but another good news is that the front camera replacement iPhone 8 and other models will take less than 2 hours! Yes, in less than 2 hours you can have your phone back, and sometimes based on the technicians’ skills and experience, it will even take less than 1 hour.

The techniques and tools that they use to do this job make the job much easier and Apple Company itself trains the technicians to learn the fastest and the most efficient way of repairing.

Front camera replacement iPhone X and higher models are a little bit more delicate so get sure that your technicians are experienced and well trained. Also as a front camera replacement, iPhone XS Max and the latest models need professional insight do not think of DIY repairing because the risk is more and if it goes wrong, you may have caused more damage than you think. 

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