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Corporate/Business Repair

We will save your business time and money by getting your devices up and running as soon as possible.

Technical Support & Recovery

We will answer and solve your device related questions and problems.

Rapid Device Repairs.

We can repair devices in 30 minutes or less at a place convenient to you. Some devices take longer but can be delivered to you at no additional cost.
Power Button If the button is jammed, missing or unresponsive.
Front / Rear Cameras If the camera is cracked, not opening, or obscured.
Screen If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is malfunctioning.
Headphone Port If the port is damaged or unresponsive to the
headphone jack.
Charging Port If you power down the device and it turns right back on; or you are having trouble connecting the device to a
computer or charger.
Loudspeaker If can't hear your audio or use your speakerphone.
Side Buttons / Mute If the volume buttons are jammed, missing, or unresponsive, and if the mute switch is sticking or jammed.
Ear Speaker If you hear fuzzy/cracking sounds, if sound fades in and out, or if there is no sound at all.
Microphone If you are unable to communicate in a call or if voice control isn't working.
Home Button If the button does not respond, is jammed, or is removed.
Battery If your device is not charging, not holding a charge, or dying faster than it should.
Water Damage Depending on the severity of the damage and what parts
are affected.

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We go above and beyond to bring a positive attitude along with expertise to everyone.

Quality Components

We constantly improve our standards and challenge our vendors to provide the highest quality in replacement parts.

Complete Convenience

We work around your schedule to make fixing your device as seamless as possible.

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