Phonebulance Warranty Coverage

Warranty Coverage

Phonebulance is committed to providing top-notch repair services for your cellphone, including Screen/LCD and other malfunctioning or non-functional parts. Our warranty coverage is outlined as follows:

1. Limited Warranty for Paid Services:
– For parts purchased, the warranty is limited to the replacement of those parts.
– For parts and repair services purchased, the warranty extends to cover the labor cost of part replacement and any additional repairs resulting from the initial repair, except as specified below.

Warranty Exclusions

Our warranty does not protect against the following:

1. Subsequent Mishandling:
– Damage to the frame, including bending, twisting, or cracking, caused by mishandling.

2. Water Damage:
– Any damage caused by exposure to water.

3. Accidental or Purposeful Drops:
– Damage resulting from accidental or intentional drops.

4. Tampering with Internal Hardware:
– Any attempt to alter or tamper with the internal hardware of the device.

5. Customer-Initiated Repairs:
– Damage resulting from any attempted repairs by the customer.

6. Software Issues Unrelated to Repair:
– Software-related issues that are not directly connected to the repair performed.

7. New Damages Unrelated to the Original Repair:
– Damage that occurs after the repair and is unrelated to the initial issue.

8. Data Loss:
– Any loss of data that may occur during the repair process. Customers are advised to back up their data before repair.

9. Pre-Existing Conditions:
– Situations where pre-existing conditions or known issues with the device, including frame damage or water damage, may affect the repair.

10. Non-Working or Damaged Home Button/Bio-Metric Scanner:
– Warranty coverage does not apply to non-working, damaged, or severed home buttons or biometric scanners.

Transferability and Device Replacement

– The warranty is valid only for the specific device repaired and the original customer, and it is not transferable to other devices or individuals.
– If a customer’s device becomes irreparably damaged due to a repair attempted by our technician and payment has been made, the customer is entitled to either:
– A fully functional refurbished device of equal or greater value based on its model and condition, with the original repair issue resolved.
– The monetary equivalent of the device’s fair market value in that condition, as determined by Phonebulance. If payment was not rendered for service, the repair quote will be deducted from the value.

Work Authorization and Service Waiver

By requesting our technician’s services, customers agree to the following conditions:

– Authorization for Phonebulance to perform repair work on the device.
– Understanding that Phonebulance is not an Authorized Service Provider (ASP) of Apple Inc. or affiliated with Apple Inc.
– Release, indemnification, and holding Phonebulance harmless from liability for any claims or damages arising from device repair, except in cases of severe negligence.
– Acknowledgment of the responsibility to back up the device data before repair.
– Understanding that repairs may void manufacturer warranties.
– Accurate information about the device’s model, condition, and any prior repair attempts.
– Acceptance of additional charges if the device’s condition differs significantly from the description provided.

Warranty Terms

As part of our repair services, Phonebulance provides replacement parts and accessories. Our limited warranty terms are as follows:

– Each part and accessory provided by Phonebulance is warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of 3 months from the date of installation, as long as you remain the owner of the device during this Warranty Period.
– Phonebulance’s sole obligation is to repair or replace the defective part or accessory, at our discretion.
– This warranty is non-transferable.
– Warranty claims must be promptly reported to Phonebulance and must follow our warranty procedures.
– This warranty excludes alterations, improper handling, misuse, or use with incompatible products.

Limitation of Liability

Phonebulance and its affiliates are not responsible for:

– Loss or corruption of data.
– Indirect, exemplary, incidental, special, punitive, reliance, or consequential damages.
– Loss of profits.
– Damages exceeding the total amounts paid for the part or accessory causing the damage.

Please note that some jurisdictions may not allow the exclusion of certain warranties or the limitation of liability for certain damages, and such limitations may not apply to you to the extent prohibited by applicable law. Our liability is limited to the minimum permitted under the applicable law.

We strive to provide exceptional cellphone repair services and stand by the quality of our work and parts. For any warranty claims or questions, please contact Phonebulance.

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