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Greetings from Phonebulance, your go-to destination for comprehensive tablet solutions. We take immense pride in our unwavering dedication to providing top-quality services, evident in every facet of our work. Embracing the latest advancements, we are delighted to present our 2023 Price List for iPad Screen Replacement. Combining affordability with expert proficiency, our goal is to restore your iPad’s visual excellence and functionality.

Why do you need iPad Screen Replacement?

Your iPad’s screen is more than just a window to your digital world; it’s an essential interface that facilitates productivity, creativity, and entertainment. Accidents can happen, resulting in cracked or damaged screens that compromise your device’s usability. A shattered screen can hinder your iPad’s touch responsiveness and affect your overall user experience. At Phonebulance, we understand the importance of a flawless screen, which is why our Screen Replacement service is designed to seamlessly restore your iPad’s visual clarity and touch sensitivity.

Price List – iPad Screen Replacement

DeviceStarts from:
iPad 2$89
iPad 3, 4$99
iPad 5th$109
iPad 6th$119
iPad 7th$129
iPad 8th$129
iPad 9th$139
iPad 10th$149
iPad Mini 1, 2, 3$99
iPad Mini 4$169 (OEM Quality $199)
iPad Mini 5$169 (OEM Quality $199)
iPad Mini 6$369
iPad Air 1$99
iPad Air 2$179 (OEM Quality $219)
iPad Air 3$189 (OEM Quality $229)
iPad Air 4$229
iPad Air 5$229
iPad Pro 9.7$199 (OEM Quality $249)
iPad Pro 10.5$219 (OEM Quality $249)
iPad Pro 11 (1st Gen)$299
iPad Pro 11 (2nd Gen)$299
iPad Pro 11 (3rd Gen)$299
iPad Pro 11 (4th Gen)$299
iPad Pro 12.9 (1st Gen)$299
iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd Gen)$489
iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd, 4th)$289
iPad Pro 12.9 (5th, 6th)$399

Please be aware that the prices displayed on our website are not set in stone and may be adjusted as circumstances require.

How did you avoid paying this fee?

Taking proactive measures can help safeguard your iPad’s screen and minimize the risk of damage. Invest in a protective case that provides effective shock absorption in case of accidental drops. Consider applying a screen protector to shield against scratches and minor impacts. Always handle your iPad with care and avoid placing heavy objects on it. By adopting these practices, you can reduce the likelihood of screen damage and potentially avoid the need for replacement.


At Phonebulance, we recognize the indispensable role your iPad plays in various aspects of your life, and we’re committed to swiftly addressing any issues that arise. Our 2023 Price List for iPad Screen Replacement reflects our dedication to providing cost-effective solutions that maintain the integrity of your device. Rely on our expertise, benefit from our experience, and allow us to seamlessly restore your iPad’s visual brilliance. Don’t let a cracked screen hinder your tablet experience – get in touch with us today to experience the convenience of our professional repair services. Your satisfaction remains our ultimate priority.

Need iPad Screen Replacement?

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