How much does it cost to repair the iPhone 12 back glass

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iPhone 12 back glass cracked is a common problem for iPhone users. As time goes on, Apple is launching newer phones with better features. However, the point is that Apple cannot avoid the laws of physics. When your phone falls out of your hands, it gets damaged. 

iPhone 12 back glass cracked is also common because of this model’s delicate design. Therefore, if you own an iPhone 12, you are worried about the iPhone 12 back glass repair cost, even if it has never happened to you. In case your iPhone 12 back screen cracked, you need the following information in this article. 

Why should you repair iPhone 12 back glass cracked?

You may face the “can I get the back glass replaced on my iPhone” question, but before this, you may ask why I should repair it in the first place. Many people have the question of whether it is possible to continue working with the iPhone without repairing the broken back. Well, the answer to this question depends on many factors. 

The most important thing about iPhone 12 back glass cracked is the amount of damage. If there is no serious damage, you can use it. However, if the damage is serious, air and water can damage the phone through the fracture. It may also hurt your finger while working. In addition to all this, there is also the issue of preserving the beauty of your phone.

How much does it cost to repair the back glass of an iPhone 12?

The bad news for answering “how much does it cost to fix iPhone back glass” is that the cracked back glass is due to the user’s negligence and has nothing to do with the company’s services in the design and production of phones. 

For this reason, it does not include a warranty for iPhone back glass repair service. So the answer to “how does apple repair back glass” question is out of warranty. 

It is because of the high cost of the iPhone 12 back glass cracked repair that many users question how they can avoid paying this cost in any way. With all of this in mind, if you have an Apple Care Plus, you will have to pay $ 99. If you do not have Apple Care Plus, you will have to pay these costs for non-warranty iPhone 12 back glass repair:

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: $ 599
  • iPhone 12 Pro: $ 549
  • iPhone 12: $ 449
  • iPhone 12 mini: $ 399

How did you avoid paying this fee?

As you can see, if you have a lot of damage to the back glass, you have to pay a lot of money to repair it. Therefore, it is wise to prevent iPhone 12 back glass cracked from happening. 

You can simply use protective cases. If you do not like these cases and do not want to hide the elegance and beauty of the phone, use protective back glasses to avoid iPhone 12 pro back glass cracked.


Concluding remarks

iPhone 12 back glass cracked price is very important because financial issues cannot always be ignored. Therefore, it is better to prevent this problem by using protective cases. However, if you are facing an iPhone 12 back glass broken situation, it is better to repair it so that your phone’s features, such as its waterproofness, are not affected.

In addition, since this repair does not include a warranty, if for any reason you do not want to use Apple’s official services, be sure to go to authorized and licensed technicians. For more info on iPhone repairs, click here and for more information about iPhone 12 back cracked repairing, you can contact.

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