Are magnetic mounts bad for cell phones?

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Many people are still stressed when using a magnetic mobile holder so as not to damage the mobile battery. Some people are generally convinced that not only the magnetic holder but also any magnet will negatively affect the phone. That is why people are often faced with such questions:

  • Are magnets bad for phones?
  • Is it bad to put a magnet on your phone?
  • Are magnets bad for iPhone?

This issue originated from CTR monitors. If a magnet came close to this type of screen and TV, the image and colors would take on a different shape. The reason for this is that in this group of monitors, the image is created after passing through a magnetic field. It has remained as a theory ever since, and when the name “magnet” comes up, people think that the image of any kind of screen will be ruined. Therefore, the important thing is to clearly answer the “Are magnets bad for phones” question.

Are magnetic phone holders bad for your phone?

What should be said as the answer to the “are magnets bad for your phone” question? Given that the performance of smartphones is not similar to old TVs, it cannot be said that the magnet causes problems with the screen of the phone. 

Is magnet bad for phone? So far, not for all parts of it. For example, the memory and hard drive of a mobile phone are of the flash type and the magnet does not have a special effect on it. Nevertheless, GPS is one of the options that may be affected by the magnet of the holder or the phone case

Are magnetic cases bad for phones?

Are magnets bad for phones? One of the problems with magnetic cases is the increased malfunction of the phone. For example, the camera is affected by it. Cameras of most new smartphones do the focusing process automatically. If the case of your phone is equipped with a strong magnet, the performance of the camera will be affected by the magnetic fields. 

We suggest that instead of leaving the phone case forever, only in cases where you want to use the phone camera, take the phone out of the case and continue working without worrying about the impact of the magnet on the phone’s camera. So when answering the “is magnet bad for phone” question, we should consider camera problems.

Another area that may be affected by the magnet is the phone’s microphone and speaker. Since parts of the phone have very small magnets, they may have problems when they are close to a strong magnet. For this reason, to avoid reducing the sound quality, you should stay away from strong magnets. As an answer to the “are magnets bad for phones” question, we can say strong magnets are bad



So far, we knew that ordinary magnets would not be a threat, except for a temporary malfunction of the phone’s compass and the loss of its calibration. Since one of the most suitable mobile stands for your car for long trips is the magnetic stand, which is often made of stainless steel, make sure that its magnetic field is not very strong. Are magnets bad for phones? Not if they are not too strong. 

It only needs to be strong enough to prevent your phone from falling. On the other hand, when using the camera and compass, take the phone out of the stand. Even if the phone protector has a magnet, take the phone out of the frame to get a more accurate result. If you had any problem with your phone in the field of magnet dysfunction, contact us for phone repair in Orange County.

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