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Hey guys, welcome back to Phonebulance and today all about the MUST-HAVE iPhone accessories in 2020.

#10 – Cardly

Coming in at number #10 is the ultra-low-tech genius invention that saves time and space.  Created by two Northwestern University students, this simple silicone pocket attaches to the back of your phone with a strong 3M adhesive.  From here you can store all your credit cards, ID, cash – even keys!

For those of you short on pocket space, or don’t have one at all, the Cardly removes the need for a wallet – only keeping the most important things safe and secure.  It comes in a range of colours and designs and if you want to remove or swap the one you have; the adhesive removes with no residue!

#9 – Kenu Stance Tripod 

It’s like a tripod, only smaller!

The Kenu Stance tripod is an incredibly versatile, compact tripod for your iPhone. It’s remarkably strong for its tiny frame and can hold your phone in either landscape or portrait view.  It’s amazing for shooting video or taking hands-free photography.  Beyond that it can be used for live-streaming, video conferencing and so much more.  The micro mount inserts into the lightning port for stability and the latest model of the tripod even has a bottle opener when not in use!

#8 – CamKix Camera Lens Kit

If you’re not satisfied with the optical zoom on the latest iPhone, this handy little accessory might be your saviour!

The CamKix Camera Lens Kit is a compact way to get some extra zoom out of your on-board camera.  There’s a choice of five different lenses including telephoto, circular polarized, fish-eye, macro, and wide-angle lenses – all of which mount easily with the easy to use clip. The whole kit comes with a padded carrying case and a carabiner for attaching to your belt.

#7 – Morpheus Labs M4s iPhone Bike Mount

Number #7 isn’t for everyone but for those who are fans of transportation of the two-wheeled variety – the iPhone Bike Mount from Morpheus Labs is a step-up when it comes to cycle-mount technology.

It features a strong magnetic lock that allows quick and easy placement while preventing accidental detachment from the main case

The adjustable bracket allows rotation over 360 degrees and fits a range of rides from road bikes, mountain bikes, electric or even exercise bikes.  It can even be mounted to a stroller or golf cart!

#6 – Tile Pro

Tile Pro is an absolute genius invention that is a must-have for the clumsy and forgetful of us.  Using Bluetooth transmitters and receivers in little “tiles”, Tile Pro allows you to locate other “tiles” or Bluetooth devices.  Meaning, if you’ve lost your phone, just double click the Tile button on your Tile to make your phone ring, even when it’s in silent mode.  If it’s not in range, check the Tile App to locate it on a map. 

Put a tile on your keys, in your wallet and never lose an item again!

#5 – Mpow Selfie Stick

Just when you thought the selfie stick rage had died down, a new wave of designs come through and changes the game.  Introducing the Mpow Selfie Stick.

Extending to a length from 7 inches up to 31 and a half inches, the frame is padded with silicon clamps to protect your phone and not to interrupt and functions on the screen.  The handle features a wrist strap for safety and a blue-tooth enabled remote control so you can take the best shot without a timer.

#4 – HooToo Flash Drive

One of the biggest restrictions on the iPhone was the inability to utilize a lot of the onboard storage without going through a laboursome process with iTunes.  And considering the premium prices on cloud storage, HooToo has gone and developed a handy flash drive that is compatible with your iPhone.  On one end, there’s a lightning connector – on the other, a USB 3.0 port.  In the middle is 32GB of storage you can use to hold, store or hide important data. It transfers data between computer and phone quickly via an in-built app and is MFi certified for security.

#3 – Otter Box Pop Symmetry Case

The Otterbox is built for two kinds of people.  Clumsy people and people that work in loud, messy and dangerous environments.  It’s the Fort Knox of phone cases, designed to shield your phone from dust, sparks, molten lead and gamma radiation.  Ok, maybe not those last two.

The latest Otter Box iteration includes a pre-mounted Pop-socket for mounting to surfaces with ease.  You can switch it out for different colours and the new design works with wireless charging mounts.

#2 – iOttie ION Wireless Mini Fast Charging Pad

This stylish wireless fast charging pad is a change from traditional ultra-thin mats which didn’t get the full speed they advertised.  The iOttie iOn Wireless Fast Charging Pad charges any Qi enabled device at a maximum of 10W, that’s 2.5W more than the iPhone currently maxes out at.

The fabric-wrapped pad prevents your phone from sliding off and comes in a range of colors including ruby, charcoal, ash and ivory.

#1 – JBL Charge 3

Our number #1 goes to the JBL Charge 3 for a few reasons.

The first is the size, volume and power of this ultra-feature-packed Bluetooth speaker.  The fabric-wrapped, waterproof speaker has a massive battery that can run continuously for 20 hours and can withstand spill or a dive in the pool.

The second reason is a huge 6,000 mA power bank for charging your devices to keep the music pumping!

And finally, the JBL Charge doubles as a speakerphone with professional echo and noise cancelling technology built in.  It truly is the swiss army knife of speakers!

That’s it for the best iPhone accessories of 2020, please like this video and let us know in the comments if you’ve found any iPhone accessories worthy of this list!

See you next time!

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