Can iPad Batteries be Replaced? iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPad air Solutions.

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Today we all have digital devices, including iPhones and IPad and it is only a matter of time that we all come across battery issues. It doesn’t matter how much you use it or how to use it; if you use it constantly, it will have issues sooner, and even if you don’t use your device roughly bypassing time, its battery gets weaker. Due to this matter, many iPad users ask these questions: 

  • Can iPad batteries be replaced?
  • Can batteries be replaced in iPad air? 
  • Can batteries be replaced in iPad mini? 
  • Can batteries be replaced in iPad pro? 
  • Can old iPad batteries be replaced? 

If you are asking the same questions, this article has all the answers you have been looking for.



Can Apple iPad batteries be replaced?

The answer to the “can batteries be replaced in iPad” question is yes. Due to the possibility of damage and battery problems of these products, the battery can be replaced so that users and customers do not have to change their device after each problem.

In addition, the cost of replacing the battery is cheaper than buying a new one, especially for newer models:

Battery serviceIn-warranty or with AppleCare+Out-of-warranty
All eligible iPad models$ 0Not Free!
Apple Pencil (all eligible models)$ 0Not Free!


Can iPad batteries be replaced?

It is possible to replace the battery in iPads, but the question is, where should you do this? IPad battery replacement Canada is not different from replacing iPhones battery in terms of choosing a repair store. You can either go to local repair shops, or you can benefit from Apple’s own warranty and services: 

  • If you paid for the Apple care Plus warranty when you bought your device, it is more logical to take advantage of these services because you either do not have to pay or the fee is meager. 


  • Another option was local repair shops and third-party stores, which do the same for the iPad, repairing and replacing iPhone batteries. Just remember to use the services of official shops approved by Apple itself because there is not only the matter of an iPad pro batteries can be replaced or not, but also the quality of the world is important.



Why is it important to replace the iPad battery?

So far, we understood that the answer to the “can my iPad battery be replaced” question is yes but knowing the importance of this matter is significant too; using an improper and counterfeit battery can affect the life of the device and its performance. 

  • The time of using the iPad will be reduced for you. The device regularly drains the battery, and you must use it while charging or carry the charger with you regularly.


  • IPads have a larger screen than iPhones, and as a result, when the user works with them, a lot of effort is spent on keeping the apps running at those screen dimensions. It is difficult to supply this power to non-original batteries.


  • Can iPad batteries be replaced? Yes, but possible problems in replacing the battery or even not replacing the battery and using the same damaged battery will affect other functions of your iPad. For example, the CPU loses its processing power, you will not be able to run some heavy programs, and the iPad may even restart regularly.



Can batteries be replaced in older iPads?

Yes, you can do this, but Apple launches several models of iPads almost every year, so after a few years, your current device may be completely obsolete and unsupported by the company, which may also affect battery repair. In addition, in the case of having older models, the cost of repairing and purchasing a new battery may not be worth it.


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