How to maintain iPhone battery health

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How to maintain iPhone battery health?


How to maintain iPhone battery health? Well, Smartphones have an important role as a communication tool in personal and professional life. Although new models have more advanced capabilities compared to previous models, the importance of long battery life is still a matter of concern for users. That is why you are usually faced with the “how to maintain iPhone battery health” question.

Long battery life is one of the important factors for choosing a smartphone because people want to avoid future problems and questions such as:

  • What percent battery health is bad for iPhone?
  • How to keep iPhone battery health good?
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  • How to maintain phone battery health?

The iPhone smartphones are relatively good and have a desirable battery life, but it seems that for some users, this amount is not enough and replacing the new battery is something they struggle with occasionally. Here you will find good solutions to preserve iPhone battery health.


First method: Identifying and disabling applications

Identifying and disabling applications is one of the best and most effective methods for increasing the battery life of the iPhone. Unfortunately, the design of some apps is based on high charge consumption. Naturally, the more applications are activated in the iPhone, the battery charge is more consumed and the battery life is reduced. So a part of the “how to maintain iPhone battery health” question depends on your apps.


Second Method: Use Low Power Mode

The Low Power Mode mode is a state that will lead to a reduction in battery charge and battery storage in iPhones. When you activate the mode, automatic references of apps and all the automatic downloads of the device are stopped in the background of the phone. So how to keep iPhone battery health at 100? Active low battery mode.

Third Method: Automatic shutdown speed

The screen of all mobile phones is one of the main mobile parts and particularly a part that consumes the battery a lot. On large screens, a more significant amount of battery is consumed to keep the phone on. So if your screen is large, the “how to maintain iPhone battery health” question is an important issue.

Unfortunately, many users do not pay attention to this issue, and this will soon become the battery killer of their phones. One of the best ways to use your phone is to reduce the automatic shutdown speed of the device screen and set it up in 30 seconds.


Fourth Method: Increase iPhone battery life by reducing screen light

The intensity of the iPhone screen light has a direct impact on the amount of battery charging. Naturally, if the color pixel of the screen is high, the amount of battery charging is also higher, because it will use more energy for LCD light.

Therefore, by reducing the screen light, you can reduce your iPhone battery charge, and somehow answer the “how to maintain iPhone battery health” question. It is also recommended to disable the ability of Auto-Brightness because the activation of this feature constantly leads to changing the intensity of the screen light and the activation of the device detection sensor.


Fifth Method: Increasing iPhone battery life by reducing animations

In the iPhone, there are many visual effects that you may not notice many of them in normal mode. All of these special effects lead to the battery charge and gradually influence it. Therefore, if there is a way to disable them, you got another tip for the “how to maintain iPhone battery health” problem. Fortunately, there is the possibility of doing this in iPhones.


The final word

These strategies for answering “how to maintain iPhone battery” definitely help you use your phone more efficiently. Although if you faced any problem with your phone, you can contact our experts. We help you with Phone Battery Replacement, phone repair in Orange County, and especially iPhone repair in Orange County.


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