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Changing the iPad mini screen without having enough information in the iPad mini screen replacement service can be confusing for you and cause you to lose a lot of money. This article tries to answer the questions that help you to spend your money better.


Why do I have to pay for the iPad mini screen replacement price?

Some may say that there is no reason to spend money on iPad mini screen repair and decide to use the device in that condition. We cannot rule this out for sure because sometimes the amount of damage to the screen is minimal, and there may be only one small crack on the screen, and it does not interfere with the performance of the iPad either in terms of hardware or software.

However, sometimes the amount of damage (no matter how small) has caused serious damage to vital parts of the device from the inside, and when you continue to work with it, you cause additional damage. Therefore, when finally you want to do an iPad mini screen replacement, it may be too late to replace the screen due to the damage.



How to prevent needing an iPad mini screen replacement service?

The most important thing is not knowing where to take your device for iPad mini replacement screen or knowing how much iPad mini screen repair costs, But the most important thing you need to know is how to avoid such a situation.

The simplest solution is to use a suitable and screen protector and iPad case so that when the device falls from your hand or something falls on it, the screen will not be damaged, and these protective items will reduce the damage. It is also more economical to buy this protective equipment than pay for an iPad mini screen repair.


Can DIY methods be used to repair the screen?

You can use DIY methods for anything, but the question is, is it the best decision to make? 

First of all, you need to make sure that the iPad mini screen replacement cost by yourself will be less than repair stores. Some people decide to do the repairs themselves to reduce costs, but you have to buy the screen yourself, buy an iPad mini screen replacement kit to change the screen, and of course, and most importantly, have the information and talent to do so.

Secondly, apart from the financial issue and buying an iPad mini screen repair kit, it should be considered whether the quality of your work is the same compared to other services. You do not always have to sacrifice quality for money because of financial savings. 



How much does it cost to replace an iPad screen?

The cost of this work is the same in all Apple stores, but you will pay less if you have apple care plus. You must also pay for shipping if you need to send the device. The following table shows the cost of iPad mini screen replacement service according to Apple’s pricing:

iPad miniAppleCare+ service feeOut-of-warranty service fee
iPad mini 5Book Now!Book Now!
iPad mini 4Book Now!Book Now!
iPad mini 3Book Now!Book Now!
iPad mini 2Book Now!Book Now!
iPad miniBook Now!Book Now!


In the case of taking it to other repair shops, the price is around the same prices on the table, and depending on your country, there may be a slight change in the pricing system. The price of an iPad mini replacement screen and all Apple products, in general, can be different in different countries, so be sure to personally search about the price range in your country before replacing so as not to pay more for repairs.


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