Cracked Back Glass 

What is Back Glass Damage on a Phone?

Do you have a cracked back glass? Whether it is slipping out of your hand when you call or putting it on the table when you leave, you face a Cracked back screen. One thing that makes new iPhones so attractive is that it also makes them extremely fragile: the back glass. If you have a cracked back glass iPhone 8 or later, such as a cracked back glass iPhone 11, you may accidentally do more damage to the phone back glass if you do not repair it. 

A Back Glass Damage on a Phone might happen to all of us! Even if there are small cracks or dirt on the phone’s back, it will quickly expand and cause more damage to the phone. Broken glass will not only cut your hands and fingers but also make it difficult for you to use your iPhone normally. After disconnecting the phone screen, perform the following operations immediately.

1- Does the Apple warranty cover cracked back glass?

The first thing you need to check is that your phone insurance can cover back of phone cracked. In this case, this decision should be simple. In most cases, the main problem is that the phone has been out of service for several days. That is not good (although you may have to pay extra). It turns out that you cannot be sure that the smartphone screen will be damaged when you replace the Cracked glass. In this case, you have to deal with the problem yourself.

If you have apple care, it will cost less for you. You need to go to the Apple website and check this:” does AppleCare cover broken back glass.” Well, the answer is yes and no! Apple will not change the iPhone cracked back glass, so you cannot have your phone repaired. On the other hand, it will replace the phone completely, and if you have apple care, the cost will be less, but there is nothing such as AppleCare cracked back glass.


4- Did you know that you can even sell an iPhone with Cracked back glass on eBay?

You may not get a lot of money because of the damaged, cracked back screen, but you will get something you can invest in a new phone. Many websites also provide credit for your phone purchases. If you accept credit instead of cash, you may get a better deal for your cracked back screen iPhone x. So remember this, after raising funds, check the most popular online retailers on the Internet for replacement and Amazon.

5- the most obvious choice is: buy a new phone

Sometimes, all you need to do is pay cash to replace damaged equipment. Of course, spending so much money on a cracked back glass iPhone XR can be painful, but it may be cheaper than buying a new one. However, it will still be exchanged and renewed after a few months because you can’t fight the truth: your phone is damaged, and a Cracked back screen can cause more serious problems shortly for your phone.

If you have AppleCare cracked back screen, use it and if not, find a good local technician or buy a new phone instead of dealing with cracked back screen iPhone xs max.  If you have already considered updating, it is best to do so now. If you decide to buy a new phone, it will not be automatically purchased from the carrier. Instead, buy the unlocked version. Even if it looks more expensive, you can save a lot of money.

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