iPhone Speaker Repair | Why is my iPhone Speaker not Working?

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It can say that the leading and most basic use of a mobile phone is to make calls, and the breakdown of the phone’s speaker causes this primary function to be questioned. In addition to making calls, listening to music and voice messages is eliminated, making many mobile functions out of the user’s reach. That’s why it’s essential to find the answer to the question of “why has my iPhone speaker stopped working” very quickly. Here we share some important tips and solutions for iPhone speaker repair.



Why is my iPhone speaker not working during calls?

1. On the off chance that your gadget has a quiet button, push the switch forward toward the iPhone screen, so it isn’t orange. If you’re using an iPad, you can likewise swipe down from the upper right corner to show the control place and ensure that quiet mode is killed. Sometimes you don’t need to pay money for iPhone speaker repair costs, and these tips will repair your speakers.

2. Usually, restarting your device will solve most iPhone speaker repair problems. If restarting does not solve the sound issue, go to the next solution. Adjust volume and sound settings. If the iPhone volume is turned down or the ringtone is muted, the book will be shallow or have no sound during the call. Go to Settings>Sound>Ringtones and Notifications and adjust the volume so you won’t need to go to an iPhone speaker repair near me.

3.Sometimes, the answer to the “why is my iPhone speaker not working during calls” question is “Your iPhone may be in headset mode” because it interferes with iPhone sound. There is no problem with the phone. Turn it off, or if you stay in headset mode and don’t want to leave, turn it off and turn on your iPhone again. You can also unplug the earphones and plug them into your iPhone, or you can try to clean the earphone jack to remove dust or particles and then see if you can do iPhone speaker repair.




4.. The answer to “can iPhone speaker be repaired” is yes and for this, Please uncheck it “do not disturb.” Go to “Settings” and turn off the “Do Not Disturb” option. Turn off Bluetooth. If you use a Bluetooth headset to make calls, listen to music, etc., you will not be able to hear the sound when you make a call without the device. Therefore, please make sure that your iPhone is not paired with any other device, and turn off Bluetooth so you will not come across why is my iPhone speaker not working during calls.

5. Updating your device to the latest version of iOS can usually be the solution for “why is my iPhone speaker not working when playing music.” To install the update, go to Settings> General> Software Update> Download and install available updates. If the iOS update does not resolve any sound issues, please “Reset All Settings” on your iPhone. Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset all settings. Then enter your Apple password, and iPhone will restart.


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