Is replacing iPhone screen worth it? | Are replacement iPhone screens as good as original?

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It may seem strange to you, but screen repair is almost the most demanded repair for iPhones, but what is the reason for this? Does this mean that the screens of iPhones are not of good quality? Is replacing iPhone screen worth it?

Fortunately, this is not the case. IPhone screens are always one of the highest quality screens on the market. To be worth it when replacing the screen, you need to have enough information so that you do not regret your choice. In this article, we will share important information with you so that you can better answer the following questions:

  • Is Replacing iPhone screen worth it
  • Are replacement screens good
  • What does genuine Apple display mean

What are the types of iPhone screens?

To find the answer to the “Is Replacing iPhone screen worth it” question, you need to be familiar with the types of iPhone screens. Below you will find two important types:

  • IPhones with LCD screen

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. Liquid crystals are substances that look like liquids, but their molecules have a special arrangement relative to each other. When a light source – in this case, an LED panel – produces light, the light passes through these crystals and color filters, and when this white light is refracted, different colors are created. 

Apple said of the LCD used in the iPhone XR that the display is “the most advanced LCD panel in the industry. The most important advantage of these panels is that their construction is no longer an expensive process as in the past, and they can be produced at a low price and high speed. So Is Replacing iPhone screen worth it? Yes but if you choose the right LCD based on your phone models. 


  • IPhone with OLED screen

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode or Organic Light Emitting Diode and is a much newer technology compared to LCD technology. Unlike LCD panels, which require a separate light source, in old panels, each pixel alone can provide the light it needs and create different colors at the same time.

Technically, the old panels look more attractive, and we can especially mention the deep black and its clearer and more vivid colors. Because older monitors require only one panel, they are usually thinner than LCDs, although this is not very noticeable.


The important thing about old monitors is how they are arranged in pixels. Experts carefully examined the display of the old iPhone X and found that Apple used a diamond-shaped “PenTile” layout for the pixels of the display. Is replacing iPhone screen worth it? If you want to have an incredible display make it worth. 

Along with the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were also introduced, but these phones had IPS screens. Also, a year later, the new iPhone models, the iPhone Xs iPhones Max, iPhone Xs, and iPhone XR were the two models Xs and Xs Max with OLED screen and iPhone XR with IPS screen.


Concluding remarks

Knowing the difference between different types of screens makes their replacement easier. By having enough information, you can better determine that Is Replacing iPhone screen worth it or not. Try to increase your knowledge in this field so that when someone tells you about the Best iPhone screen replacement brand, you can determine if it is the best brand or not.

 So if we want to answer this question: Are replacement iPhone screens as good as original, we should say yes but if you choose the right types of screen. 

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