OC PHONE GEEKS Merges Phonebulance.com, We are not competitors anymore!

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When two of the best in their field merge, that is good news for all their customers because that means more professional services. When OC PHONE GEEKS merges phonebulance, there are some advantages for their customers as listed below:


Mobile phone technology is superb and troubleshooting.

The most well-known telephone issues incorporate reacting gradually and excessively depleting the battery. You can fix these issues all alone by clearing the reserve or erasing superfluous records or applications, and ensuring that the charger you’re utilizing is reasonable for your battery. Those arrangements are not difficult to do alone, yet you can’t address issues with DIY techniques.

The telephone issues that are past your ability would need proficient support, and what kind of help will be better than OC PHONE GEEKS and phonebulance skills in phone repairing. These experts will fix your gadget and award you a fundamental appeal to keep a similar issue from repeating later.



Save your time and energy.

Investigating telephone issues all alone can be tedious. You need to watch video instructional exercises on YouTube or read tech sites to ensure you’ll do it right the first run-through. Likewise, it would be best if you committed hours to fix it. 

If you don’t need the issue and stress fixing your messed-up telephone, you need to seek proficient assistance from a decent telephone fixe specialist. You’ll save time and exertion because since OC PHONE GEEKS merges phonebulance, your phone will be in good hands.

OC PHONE GEEKS and phonebulance provide you all kinds of services.



Broken Screen:

You can discover glass screens on every kind of phone, from old phones to new high-resolution ones. The monstrous effect of your telephone on the ground or hard surface may make the screen break. You may unintentionally drop your telephone, or it could get out of your pocket. On the off chance that any of these occurrences occur, dies on the screen may cause touchscreen issues or dampness that could, in the end, harm your gadget further. You ought to have it fixed quickly, and there is not something you do yourself, and you can’t give it to inexperienced technicians. 


Water damage:

If you have no clue how to deal with a telephone that has been incidentally absorbed in the clothing bowl or dropped in the sink loaded up with water, better recruit a telephone fixe proficient at dealing with the work. It might be ideal if you didn’t endeavor to turn on your telephone following its water openness. It’s smarter to keep it killed until the specialists investigate. OC PHONE GEEKS merges phonebulance, and the result is specialists who can fix your phone immediately. 


Overheating Phone:

You should kill your telephone and carry it to an expert. Never endeavor to fix it or plug your telephone in the power plug since it might cause electric shock or short out. OC PHONE GEEKS and phonebulance know what to do in this situation.


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