What should I check when buying iPhone?

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What should I check when buying iPhone?

iPhones are high-quality devices and in suitable conditions, these phones can last for years. For this reason, the market for buying and selling second-hand iPhones is very active. Still, people are worried about questions such as:

  • What should I check when buying iPhone?
  • How to buy iPhone second hand?
  • What should I check when buying a used iPhone?

Therefore, you need to know what you should check when buying a second-hand iPhone to have a good purchase. However, before knowing these tips, let us answer another question.

Is it worth buying second-hand iPhone?

Buying a second-hand iPhone is the cheapest way of entering the Apple ecosystem. Before answering the “What should I check when buying iPhone” question, you should be sure of your purchase.

In general, iPhones are sturdy and well-built devices, and if they are well maintained, you should not worry about buying second-hand ones. However, consider a few points so that you can be sure of the health and function of the second-hand iPhone to enjoy your purchase.


What should I check before buying second-hand iPhone?

1.     Check the outside and appearance of the phone

The first thing to keep in mind is not to go for a cheap second-hand iPhone with a broken body full of scratches. Always try to buy an iPhone that still has the original sleek and stylish look, as it shows that the previous owner took good care of it.

2.     Check the serial number and IMEI

One of the things to consider before buying iPhone is checking IMEI. One way to ensure the accuracy of the device and that it is not stealing is to check the serial number and IMEI of the phone from within the operating system and compare it with the body of the phone on the box. To find the IMEI code you can go to the Settings> General> About.


3.     Make sure Activation Lock is not activated on anyone else’s phone

Making sure of phone privacy and security is a great part of “What should I check when buying iPhone“. To do this, go to Settings> iCloud and check that the Find My Phone option is not on.

If this option is on, the phone is locked with the previous user’s password and you will not be able to activate it with your information. Of course, you can also enter the IMEI number or serial number on this site to find out the status of the phone.


4.     Try the phone camera

Smartphone cameras are one of the most important things to look for when buying a used iPhone. So be sure to take a few photos and a few videos with the smartphone camera to ensure its performance and quality.


5.     Check the phone battery

Most likely, the seller will not give you the phone for a long time, for example, a day, to make sure its battery is working. If you can test it for one day, which is great, you can be sure that the battery is doing well.

If you can, connect the iPhone to Wi-Fi, turn on its Bluetooth and film with it for a few minutes. If the battery drains at a strange speed or the back of the phone starts to heat up, it is better to avoid buying it. So when you are thinking about the “What should I check when buying iPhone” question, consider the battery as a priority.

Final word

Buying a second-hand iPhone requires less money, although it may be a risk at first glance. There is no risk if you know the answer to the “What should I check when buying iPhone” question. Even if you could not do the above research yourself, get help from the relevant experts. We can help you in this case and even with phone repair in Orange County.

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