When do we need to Sell or Buy Old and Broken Phones?

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The online world of selling and buying has made many things easier and alongside this, people can benefit financially in many ways. By using newly available services, there is no need for you to throw out your old phone or spend lots of money on repairing it. Here, we are going to take a look at three main aspects of this matter. You may think there is so much risk in buying old phones or refurbished ones but we assure you if you have the right move, you will see so many advantages.

Reasons to buy old phones

When you are living in the era of technology, it is completely normal to get tired of your phone easily and want to have a new phone with new features. When you reach this point, you can easily sell your old phone through online websites or other services and buy a new one.

In addition, some people want a second phone for any reason such as having it in case of emergency or giving it to a kid for basic uses and they do not want to spend a lot of money on it, these people can buy old phones and save their money.


Knowing how to sell refurbished iPhone

As a seller and even a buyer, knowing the difference between a refurbished iPhone and a used iPhone is important. Used iPhones are the general phones that we see in people’s hands and after a while, they sell them to others but refurbished phones are the ones that are renewed and have undergone some software or hardware repairs; however, they are fully standard and you have some reassurances in order to sell refurbished iPhone.  Thus, people as a seller earn more money from selling refurbished iPhones and people as buyers should pay more money because these phones are not used and second-handed.
Remember that phones with this condition are limited so you need to act fast and have a track of the companies or selling websites because this opportunity is not something to ignore.


Can I trade in my phone if the back is cracked?

Even damaged phones can be resold, but it usually depends on the model and the extent of the damage. Over two years ago, Apple began accepting damaged devices for trade-in. The Apple representative can only determine the value of your iPhone at the time of evaluation.

An important tip in order to buy broken phones

The most important tip of all time in this matter is paying attention to ” why is the phone broken?” in other words, which part of the phone is actually damaged. Some parts are easy to repair and as a seller, you do not need to fix these damages before selling; you can sell them in that condition too.

For example, is it a cracked back glass problem or it needs a cracked screen repair?  Moreover, as a buyer, you will pay less money in order to buy broken phones and by being smart, you can fix it with a small amount of money and here you have a phone that you could not afford to buy while it was new.

In addition, you should know that when you are buying broken phones, you should know the sellers and the policy for buying including pricing and returning conditions. To know more about the back of phone cracked take a look at What is Back Glass Damage on a Phone? page.

How Phonebulance can help you to repair a broken phone?

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