You might wonder how to clean the dust inside your phone. You can easily clean your smartphone or tablet screen, but you must use a way to do it right. This means you should use the correct type of cleaning mechanism and suitable cleaning fabrics. Eventually, if you are not sure how to clean the dust inside your phones camera lens inside, you can break your touchscreen. This can doubtlessly render your tool useless. In this article, a correct way to and clean the touchscreen of your smartphone or tablet is discussed.

How to clean the dust inside your phones front camera lens without opening it?

An excellent phone camera undoubtedly requires a lot of attention. Well, scrubbing your phone’s camera should also be done carefully. So to find the answer How to clean the dust inside your phone’s lens, You can use the following tools to scrub your phone camera and  How to clean the phone camera lens inside.

1. you can use toothpaste and mind the stages below to clean your phone came

  • put a smallish toothpaste to a fibre 
  • massage lightly into the lens
  • turn clockwise till dispensed 
  • wait for the second
  • now clean with a soft cloth

2. using the eucalyptus oil to clean the phone camera

  • use  a fibre cloth 
  •  Lightly put eucalyptus oil to a cloth
  •  Gently swipe the camera lens of the phone clockwise.

3. using the cleaning fluid  to clean the phone camera

if you are not satisfied with the solution that we discussed about How to clean the phone front camera lens inside, you can use cleaning fluid to clean your phone lens. How to clean the lens is like the number 2 above. It’s very simple and what you need is just a drop of cleaning fluid and cloth. after that, make sure to clean the cloth after use




How to clean blurry phone camera lenses?

 After you get the solution of How to clean the dust inside your phone’s lens, you may need to know how to overcome smartphone camera blurry? with adhesive tape attached to the camera, you can prevent blurring or sharpening of pictures. just follow the below steps: How to clean phone back camera lens inside

  • cut the adhesive tape into a small segment
  • Attaching and adjusting the camera Make sure the tape adheres well and there are no gaps.
  • Do not get dirty or touch the tape on the camera. A dirty tape can make your camera more blurry than before 





How to clean scratched phone camera lens?

Camera lens scratches can vary from minor, barely visible scratches to large meshes that wear out the entire lens and ruin your photos and videos. There are some ways to withdraw scratches on camera lenses.

  • You can use alcohol to get rid of scratches on the camera lens. Alcohol may adversely affect the camera lens, so do not use it directly to the lens. 
  • Vaseline not just hydrates the skin. It can also remove minor scratches on camera lenses and keep them uncluttered. Other gasoline-based products may also be used. Clean the lens with a cloth. Use a very small amount of Vaseline to the surface of the lens and wipe gently with a sterile microfiber cloth until translucent. Do not use excessive force at this time, and do not allow Vaseline to get into other corners of the phone.
  • Toothpaste is one popular way to remove scratches from lens and screens and one of the solutions to clean the dust inside your phone’s lens. Just use a little toothpaste and massage it on the scratched area softly.



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