Back Camera Lens Replacement

Rear Camera Lens Repair

Do you remember days that phones were only for calling? Those were simple days; however, now people don’t use phones just for calling. We don’t call them phones anymore these devices have been through so many changes that today we mostly call them smartphones.  Smartphones have many usages from calling to chatting and emailing.

One of the most important features of smartphones is taking pictures and the quality of the back camera lens. Cameras are an important part of every smartphone. It’s so important that you can’t find any phones without a camera these days.

As these smartphones are a daily companion, it is completely normal if they get damaged because of their 24 hours usage. As rear cameras are a part of a smartphone, they can be damaged too.

This article is about every possible topic about back cameras and you will find an answer to all of your questions.

How to fix the back camera lens cover?

If the cover is removable, you can fix it at home, if you have special tools and of course the required skills. If you think, the cover is so damaged that it may have affected your lenses too, it’s better to take it to a technician.

We say the same thing about back camera glass damage too. However mostly these rear camera glasses are being used as protective as facing the, is so easy you just need to buy a new one, remove the old one, and put the new one into the position.

Just be careful that when you are changing the back camera glass iPhone especially in a new model, you do not damage the lens itself. Sometimes you may use bad tools and as result, you will scratch the lens. 

However, do not jump to the conclusion very fast. Blurry pictures, dark small spots, and other problems in your photos can be caused by dirt inside your cameras or on your lens.

To prevent these problems, when you are installing back camera glass, get sure that your lens is cleaned and your glass is not cracked. Sometimes these simple tips can save you from the heart attack of back camera lens replacement

Also, it does not matter that your back camera lens has protective covers and glass, you need to clean it regularly. Cleaning the back of the camera lens is a simple yet useful thing to take a good picture and save your rear camera from long slow damage.

When you do not clean your lenses regularly, the dust and other dirt will get comfortable on your lens and then after a while, they won’t leave your lens that easily. As a result, you will have blurry pictures for life! 


Tips for cleaning back of camera lens

You should always have a special piece of cloth for cleaning the back camera lens before taking a photo or recording a video. Remember that the cloth should be especially for your phone, otherwise the cloth will lose its softness over time and may damage your lens.
Also, you can use special cleaning products for cleaning lenses. These are both for preventing front and
back camera glass damage.
Your worst enemy is a dusty lens. You can’t control the dust as it is in the air you breathe the only thing you can do is protecting your stuff against it just by using a simple soft cloth, like a microfiber cloth and a lens cleaning fluid can be used too.
Alongside what we said above, know that you should change your back camera glass iPhone protector each couple of months because the quality of the photo may get affected. In the case of back camera glass damage, immediately change the glass because it may damage the lens and leave you with scratches.
You need to be careful, clean your lens regularly and keep your iPhone away from pressure. Have glass and covers for the protection you will not ever also question “how to fix back camera lens cover” in your life.

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