My iPhone Got Wet! | My iPhone won’t turn on after it fell in water (Here’s the Solution)

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Water is the second most common type of damage to the iPhone, and many users are affected by this problem. The fluid is damaged from time to time; however, Apple’s new generation of devices are waterproof but not completely waterproof. In addition, this feature is not available on most iOS devices. Therefore, when my iPhone got wet, I should follow the 3 main steps below.

How to fix a water-damaged iPhone that won’t turn on?

1- My iPhone won’t turn on after it fell in the water due to a liquid spill, and my Apple device may shut down. A wet iPhone cannot be turned on, so don’t panic or try to turn it on manually at this time. If water enters your device, turning it on will do more harm than good to your iPhone. 

The first step for starting the “How to fix a wet iPhone” process is this: You need to avoid activating the circuit in the iPhone because it will short-circuit and cause permanent damage. If the iPhone is turned off, keep it turned off. Don’t try to turn it on to see if it still works.

2-The next task is to dry your smartphone and gently wipe it with a clean cloth. The material focuses on switches, headphones, and power connections. Be very careful when these areas are dry because you don’t want more moisture on your iPhone. When my iPhone got wet, I shook the device gently to remove any remaining liquid. 

Drying your Apple device with a hairdryer may do more harm than good because the hot air entering the device can make your phone heat unbearably, which is bad for iPhone hardware, especially the screen that is more sensitive to heat. The trapped liquid is more likely to condense, which can flow inward and cause further internal damage when my iPhone got wet.


3- After waiting for a few days, if it still doesn’t work or you want to check the internal components, you can ask Apple Genius to do it for you. However, please note that iOS devices have internal liquid detectors to know what is going on. Inexperienced technicians can cause long-term damage to the phone in particular, and this damage will only become apparent after a few months. Therefore, when my iPhone won’t turn on after it fell in the water, and I did all the DIY tips but still didn’t see any change, the best thing to do is to take it to a technician. 

After you have completed all the necessary steps in the “How to fix a wet iPhone” progress, the wet iPhone cannot start. You need to remove the parts. If you know how to disassemble technically, you can do it yourself. If not, please entrust the work to a technical genius. Please be as careful as possible when disassembling it yourself.

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