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Water Damaged Phone? Here's How Our Laguna Hills Repair Experts Can Save It

Imagine that you are sitting at home and working with your phone, suddenly the glass of water falls down or imagine that you are next to a pool and your phone falls into the water and many other possible scenarios. What would you do? Some people get nervous and forget to manage the damage immediately and those people will probably lose their phones so do not be “those people”. When your phone is damaged, just by following some easy steps, you can have an iPhone water damage repair procedure by yourself. 

  • Save your phone

Yes, when you are facing a surprising situation like your phone in the water, your brain may stop and probably you will watch your phone getting closer to the full damage condition. The first thing that you need to do is to get your phone out of the water as fast as you can and then follow the following steps.

  • Turn off your iPhone

When you are facing a water damage iPhone, before anything else just turn off your phone and do not turn it on until you are sure your phone is dry. Fight with everything that makes you turn on your phone because this will do a lot of damage to your phone. This step, like the last one, needs speed and fast reaction. You should turn off your phone immediately.

  • Remove your phone case

Before thinking about drying the interior moisture, try to dry the exterior. The first step is removing your case in order to start the “iPhone water damage repair” phase. After removing it, try to dry your phone with a soft towel and absorb every single drop of water from the surface of your phone. Even if you have a screen protector, remove it and absorb the liquid completely. 

  • Save your SIM Card

When you are dealing with a water damage iPhone, you should know that even if you cannot save your phone, there is a good chance that you can save your SIM Card. Of course, it is not an absolute fact because it depends on the depth of water and the time your phone was in the water. Besides saving the SIM Card, by removing it, the interior parts of your phone will get dry sooner because there is a chance that liquid is still in your phone. 

Water Damaged Phone? Here's How Our Laguna Hills Repair Experts Can Save It
  •  Avoid putting your phone in rice

Many people think that putting phones in rice can be a good solution and the rice will drop out of the water but this is false information. This strategy has nothing to do with repairing your phone. Even in some cases, because the ports are small, rice can go into them and you will face bigger damage than water damage iPhone, just because you handled the first one wrong. 

  • Take it to a repair store 

After doing all the steps above, you may need to take your iPhone to a professional because sometimes they can do more than you can. You can take your phone to a nearby store or take it to the Apple centre. You can search iPhone water damage repair near me, and go to the nearest local technician. Just remember that doing all the steps above is necessary and try to do them before taking it to a technician. 

Unlocking the Secrets of Water Damage Repair
Trust Our Experts to Save Your Water-Damaged Phone
  • Water damage indicator

When you take your water damaged iPhone to repair technicians, after asking some questions about what you have done to save the phone, they will check the damage indicator. This indicator is a small piece that can tell the technician whether the phone is facing serious water damage or not. Even you yourself can check the damage indicator.

  • Searching about iPhone water damage repair cost 

The cost of repairing depends on whether you have Apple care+ or not. If you have apple care+ and coverage, according to Apple, you have to pay 99$ for water damage repair. However, if you do not have Apple care+, you should pay much more money to the Apple centre in order to repair your phone. iPhone water damage repair cost without Apple care+ is about 599$. Just pay attention that neither the Apple One-Year Warranty nor the Apple Care Protection Plan covers water damage repair for iPhone. If you do not want to use Apple centre services, you can use local repair stores too and the prices will be different based on the damage.

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