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Answering the “How do I fix my Samsung phone that won’t turn on” question is not just in one sentence. If your Samsung phone won’t turn on, you should know it is a common problem with many solutions. It can happen in many situations. For example, Samsung phone won’t turn on after getting wet, Samsung phone won’t turn on after the battery died or even Samsung phone won’t turn on after being dropped.

In general, according to the official experts of Samsung, there are six simple solutions to solve this problem.

1.   Check your phone buttons.

Sometimes the problem is simpler than you think. The reason that your Samsung phone won’t turn on is not always a software problem. Also, keep in mind that your power button may be broken. In such cases, it is better to test the button.

In addition, in some new Samsung models, you have to use two buttons to turn off your phone. As a result, you may be confused and press the wrong buttons. So when my Samsung won’t turn on, I should make sure that I am pressing the right button

2.   Check the charge of the phone.

It may be interesting to you that many people go to technicians while they have just died batteries. You may forget that your phone is not charging and think it is broken. So if your Samsung phone won’t turn on, first try charging it. This is common because Samsung phone won’t turn on after factory reset due to low power.

3.   Check the charging port.

When the Samsung phone won’t turn on, it may be due to the charger problems. If the charging port of my phone has a problem, as a result my android phone won’t turn on. When you are not careful with plugging the charger into the port or pulling it out, the port will be damaged over time.

4.   Change your charger.

If Samsung phone won’t turn on, get sure that you have checked the port and the charger. Both can cause serious problems over time due to improper use. If the problem is not with the port, use a different charger.

If your Samsung phone won’t turn on after charging, get sure that you are using original chargers. Fake chargers will work for a short time and have negative effects on your phone.

5.   Restart the phone.

Since your Samsung phone won’t turn on and you cannot restart it in the usual way, you must use special buttons. Depending on your phone model, you should hold different buttons for a couple of seconds.

When the Samsung phone won’t turn on after update, restarting is a good solution. By restarting, the applications that are open and cause your phone to slow down will shut down.

6.   Return to factory settings.

If your Samsung won’t turn on, the first option is to restart the phone. If it does not restart or this problem is repeated many times, reset your phone to factory settings. Note that by this method, you will lose your information.


Concluding remarks

The solutions that are given to you above for this problem often work when your Samsung phone won’t turn on. However, in some special cases, none of these solutions may turn on your cell phone. Unfortunately, this means there is a serious problem and you need to see an expert.

If you need to consult or you are looking for a specialist to solve the not turning on problem of your phone, just contact us.

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