Phone Do Not Power On


The worst nightmare for any user is not turning on the phone and seeing a black screen and signs of burns or breakdowns. Nothing happens. Your phone is dead. You may not be able to turn on your Android device for various reasons.

Even the thought of paying again to buy a new smartphone, despite the skyrocketing prices these days in the market, puts a lot of stress on your mind, and probably Have each of you experienced these symptoms or sensations once? 

If you also find that your phone or tablet does not turn on, check out these reasons why a phone does not power on. Find out how to fix it.

Why does my iPhone not turn on?


Generally, you can simplify the issue to one of three main components:

  • The screen won’t come on due to a software error. If the phone is already on, it is probably sleeping, and you will have to restart it in order to wake it up again.
  • There is a problem with that phone’s charging, as it is either not charged correctly or the cable is damaged.
  • The phone has a serious hardware issue

How to Fix the Problem When Your Tablet or Phone Won’t Power on?


  • In most cases, simply restarting your iPhone will fix the problem if your iPhone won’t turn on.
  • Make sure your iPhone is charged if you can’t restart it. Ascertain the power source is functioning properly and replace the Lightning cable if necessary.
  • To see if iTunes recognizes the phone, connect it to a computer and see if it recognizes it. Back up your data before you get it repaired or serviced.

What Factors May Cause Your Phone Not to Turn On?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter and see what factors may cause your phone not to turn on?

1- The power key is one of the main reasons why the phone does not turn on

One of the major causes for many smartphones is a power key failure that prevents you from turning on your phone. So, first of all, make sure your power button is healthy and then move on to other things.

2- Check the problems related to charging.

When the phone does not turn on, one of the most common and main reasons why the phone does not turn on is not having enough charge or the battery is completely empty, which is the first thing you should check. To find out why a phone does not power on, you should consult a phone repairman.

If you charge your phone and you see this happen, check the connections well; for example, the cable is well connected, or the charger series is firmly in the socket.

Is your phone water damaged and wet?

Also, the reason for not turning on the phone can be related to the presence of dirt and dust or anything that is in the way of connecting the device to the cable, so make sure that your port is not damaged. Do not worry too much when you see the phone does not power on.

3- Start your phone from the beginning.

On older phones, by removing the battery and inserting it after a few seconds, your phone will start up from the beginning, which is usually the best answer to the question, how to turn on the phone that does not turn on? But in today’s smartphones, where the battery replacement doesn’t solve the problem , you have to hold down the power button for a few seconds in the hope that the phone will turn off and restart. To find out why a phone does not power on, you should consult a phone repairman.

4- Check your phone battery.

If you are sure that your charging equipment is working and restarting your phone has not solved your problem, it is time to turn your attention to your phone battery. Most smartphones and tablets’ batteries have a short lifespan after a few years of use and deteriorate over time. Dropping the phone to the ground, spilling water, or overheating may damage your battery. If you have recently replaced your battery, there is a possibility that the phone’s charging IC may burn out. Do not worry too much when you see the phone does not power on.

Is the phone battery swollen?

So when connecting to the charger, be sure to check whether the battery is charging or not? Of course, if it is completely empty, it will take a few minutes to recharge and turn on the phone.

5- If the phone does not turn on, check the screen.

Your phone may turn on without you realizing it. You may ask how? To find out why a phone does not power on, you should consult a phone repairman. A broken screen can cause such a situation for you. Fortunately, it’s easy to see if your screen has a problem. Just hold down the power button for 30 seconds to make sure your phone is definitely on, then wait at least two minutes for the setup to complete. Then call your phone on another line. If your phone rings, your monitor is broken, and if you do not hear the ringing sound, the problem is something else and the reason the phone screen does not turn on the screen. Do not worry too much when you see the phone does not power on.

6- Use the computer to troubleshoot your phone.

If the phone still does not turn on, it is best to get help from a subsidy.


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