Can a Water Damage Phone be Fixed? 4 WRONG ways to save it!!

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One of the questions that many users ask is water damaged phones or wet phones can be repaired or not! If we want to answer this question in one word, we must say yes! The damaged phone is repaired, but it is not easy to repair and requires high accuracy, experience, and expertise. In the continuation of this article, we will talk more about the details of this matter.


4 WRONG ways to save a water damaged phone

1- Rice

2- Freezer

3- Hairdryer

4- Cat Litter

They are just a waste of time or even worse, they cause more damage. The best way is to call phonebulance and repair the phone in less than an hour. Or test the warm vacuum air.

Water Damaged Cell Phone

Before we talk about repairing water damaged phones, let’s talk a little about why the phone comes in contact with water, which can damage the gadget. As you know, mobile phones are made of electronic components, and these components are getting smaller and smaller in size day by day, and their elegance is increasing. Water, on the other hand, is a conductor of electric current, meaning that electricity will be transmitted and conducted by it. Naturally, due to this issue, the contact of water as a conductive substance with mobile electronic components that are exchanging electrons and data in water damaged phones will lead to disruption! 

Generally, even a drop of water will be enough to burn and disable an electronic component such as a phone board or even an LCD and related circuits. That is why it is always recommended to avoid water contact with mobile phones and not to use the phone even with a miner’s hand. Now imagine that a mobile phone falls into the water and is submerged and a large volume of water has penetrated into its body! In such cases, it is not possible to predict which parts of the water damaged phones will be damaged and needs phone repair.


Even if you take care of your phone 24 hours a day, the probability of an accident will not be zero percent. Now imagine that in certain circumstances your phone comes in direct contact with water or sinks in water for any reason! What should be done in this situation? What can be done to save a damaged iPhone? Speed and the right thing to do to save the phone that is in direct contact with water play the most important role. If the right actions are taken by you in the shortest possible time, the risk of water damaged phones is minimized. 

The main steps you need to take in this situation are as follows. Get your mobile phone out of the water as soon as possible. For example, if the phone falls into a pool of water, get it out of the water as soon as possible and without delay, because the shorter your mobile phone stays in contact with water, the lower the risk of damage or at least fewer parts in the water. After removing the phone from the water, you should clean the outer surface of the water damaged phones with a suitable cloth with high water and moisture absorption, and make sure that there is no trace of water on the body of the phone.

Water damage phone repair

Repairing a damaged phone is not an easy task and should be done by a specialist maple. If an inexperienced repairman opens a damaged phone, not only will you not have a chance to repair it, but there may even be more damage to the phone and its healthy parts. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you use the services of specialized mobile repair centers and professional repairmen to repair water damaged phones.

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