Deciding to buy a new phone is not an easy task, as it requires money. In many cases, repairing a phone can solve the problem without the need to buy a new one. People and users often don’t know what to do with a damaged phone because they cannot see all the aspects. Therefore, these questions may arise in your mind:

  • how to exchange damaged phone
  • what does a damaged dwelling phone mean
  • where to sell my damaged phone
  • who buys damaged phones

These questions are important however first you should decide what to do with a damaged phone? Keep it or sell it? Four main situations can help you decide.


  1. Having a Broken screen

If your phone screen is broken and this makes you think of buying a new phone, we recommend that you avoid spending extra money. In this situation, repairing the phone and replacing its LCD is a better choice. Of course, to replace the phone LCD, you must leave it to experts.

When you ask what is considered a damaged phone, most people think to fog a broken screen. Mobile LCD replacement makes your phone like the first day by a reasonable cost and a very short time. So if the touch LCD of your phone is broken, it is better not to think about buying a new phone and just repair your mobile phone.





1.   Failure of some phone components

A minor hardware problem, such as a broken speaker or charging socket can never be a compelling reason to buy a new phone. To solve these problems, it is better to repair your phone, because it will cost you much less. In addition, if you leave the repair of your mobile phone in the hands of experienced people, you can be sure of the quality. So answering the “what to do with damaged phone” depends on the amount of damage to the components.


2.   Having a very old phone

Unlike some people who are always looking to buy the latest mobile phones, some other users use their phones to the last breath. If you are one of these people and your smartphone is too old, it is better to stop repairing your mobile phone in case of any problems and think about buying a new phone.

Keep in mind that you do not have to buy the best model of the new phone and pay a lot of money, but you can buy an affordable and quality phone by paying relatively reasonable costs. So what to do with a damaged phone when it is too old? Easy, sell it.





1.   The appearance of lines and straps on the phone

Overtime when you use the phone, scratches appear on the phone’s frame. Although it is possible to prevent these scratches by using special guards and protectors, whether you like it or not, scratches and scratches on the case of mobile phones are inevitable. So mainly mild scratches are not part of the “what to do with a damaged phone” question.

If scratches on the phone make you think of buying a new phone, we recommend that you hold on and repair your mobile phone. In this case, you can easily solve the problem by changing the phone case. Fortunately, in most cases, replacing the phone case and its cover does not cost much.


Concluding remarks

Deciding what to do with a damaged phone is always a challenge and depends entirely on the circumstances of each particular user. Each person has to make this decision according to the amount of damage, their budget, and, of course, their phone model. You can contact our experts for consultation and knowing where to sell damaged phone.

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