Cracked Screen Repair

iPhone broken glass is something that can happen to you anywhere for many reasons. It does not matter that you are a careful person or not, this happens to you when you least expect it, and it is not much you can do to repair it yourself.
Based on the damage, you may have to take it to a technician and pay money for iPhone broken screen repair. Here, we will share some valid and necessary information with you so you can fix the broken iPhone screen.


Is there any chance that a broken iPhone screen can be fixed?

Of course, you can have iPhone broken screen repair, but this depends on how much your phone is damaged. Sometimes it is not just about a broken iPhone screen, but alongside your screen, many other parts of your phone may have seen damage like your battery or your camera.

In this case, the answer gets a little tricky because it does not matter that your screen can be fixed or not; the real question is, “will your phone work again.” If you are facing this situation, you should talk to a professional to see if it is worth spending your money on it. Three main things are important to notice:

  • Is your battery and board of your phone still in good condition?
  • Is your phone catastrophically damaged?
  • Is the enclosure damaged badly, like bending or warping? 

Sometimes the screen is not broken completely, and you can still work with it. In this case, the iPhone cracked screen either has a hairline crack or a deep crack. The hairline crack does not need replacement, and you can still work with your phone. In addition, these types of cracks do not make much damage.

On the other hand, the deep crack type is slightly more serious and based on the damage, you may need replacement. 

What is our suggestion for your broken iPhone screen?

The answer to this question depends on many factors and many possible situations that each owner faces, but there are two general options: replacing or repairing.

Do you want to hear a better suggestion?

The best suggestion is to use a screen protector and a good case for your phone if you do not constantly repair your broken glass. If you work in places with a high risk of damaging your phone or are not very careful, either get apple care+ or use a good screen protector.

How much should you pay for iPhone broken screen repair?

If you decided to fix a broken iPhone screen, you could use apple services because it is more reliable and better services. Of course, the cost of screen repairing is based on whether you have apple care+ or not.

Another option for you, if you do not have coverage plans in apple services, is using local repairing shops. In some countries and regions, people do not have access to apple stores nearby, and they do not want to ship their phones for any reason. If you have apple care+, you will pay less money, and there is no difference between models: for all iPhone models, you should pay 29$ with counting the service fee.  Therefore, even if you have an old iPhone with apple care+ services, you can consider keeping your phone because you will pay less money for cracked iPhone screen repair.

These people can use local iPhone broken screen repair services, especially if you do not have apple care and you will pay less money for repairs. Just before giving your phone to local technicians, be sure that they know what they are doing because iPhones are very delicate, and they can do more damage to your phone than you expected. Sometimes an unprofessional technician can kill the chance of repairing your phone.

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